Northern Israeli Baseball

Our Story

‘Northern Israeli Baseball’ is a nonprofit that focuses on developing baseball in Northern Israel. Organized baseball for children in Israel started in the 1980s; several years later some teams were organized in the North – mostly the Krayot, the Galilee and Karmiel. However, since baseball was not yet developed all throughout the North, these teams had to travel for many hours all over Israel to compete with other teams. In addition, there was always a shortage of coaches since baseball as a new sport in Israel was dependent on immigrants from North and South America, who were not always available. Therefore, Northern baseball programs were always a challenge to sustain.

In the meantime, the children who played baseball in the 1990s founded ‘Northern Israeli Baseball’ because they felt the need to build sustainable baseball programs in the Northern periphery. ‘Northern Israeli Baseball’ seeks to build a broad base of a baseball and softball in the North by developing players and coaches from within the Northern community and thus provide a local home for both competitive and recreational baseball and softball.

Our Goals

Provide a framework for anyone who wants to learn and play baseball in the North.
Develop a broad-based baseball community in Northern Israel.
Build and develop baseball fields in the North.
Promote baseball and softball in the North as competitive and recreational sports by a wide variety of activities such as leagues and tournaments.
Advance gender equality in baseball and softball through co-ed teams and striving for an equal number of girls and boys’ teams.
Coexistence through baseball and softball.

Northern Israeli Baseball

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